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Foreign Worker

Foreign Worker Recruitments

Prestige as a fully licensed foreign worker agency specializes in providing exceptional recruitment and placement of foreign workers services in manufacturing, construction, plantation, agriculture and services sectors. We assist clients in obtaining quota approval from the Ministry of Human Resources (KSM) quickly, ensuring that business operations run smoothly. We provide recruitment and placement of reliable and hardworking foreign workers to meet our client’s needs.

We source General Worker (Unskilled), Semi-skilled, Skilled and Professionals. We cater to Hospitality, Manufacturing, Construction, Plantation & Agriculture Industry. We source from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Laos and Uzbekistan.

Work Process

We specialize in efficiently processing and handling various aspects of foreign worker applications to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients. The process of foreign worker recruitment begins with our assistance in Quota application and approval from the Ministry of Human Resources to be followed by placement of job order with the source country and the job order attestation with the respective Embassy. Thereafter the process of sourcing, screening and selection of foreign workers will be fulfilled. The next procedure to complete the overall recruitment process will include medical checkup of the workers at their country of origin, application of calling visa, clearance by the Embassy/Consulate, security checking until the departure of the worker to be followed by Immigration clearance, FOMEMA and permit application.

Application, Renewal or Cancellation of Work permit and Visa. Application of Check Out Memo (C.O.M). Administrative documentation relating to Government Department.

frequently asked questions

1. What sectors are allowed to employ foreign workers?

The approved sectors are as follow:

  1. Manufacturing;
  2. Construction;
  3. Plantation;
  4. Agriculture; and
  5. Services sector;

           (i) Restaurant sub-sector (cooks only)

           (ii)Cleaning and sanitation sub-sector

           (iii)Resort island sub-sector

2. What is the levy payment rate for each approved worker?
3. How long is the entire recruitment process for a foreign worker?