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Maid Services

Recruitment of Foreign Domestic Helper(Maid)

Prestige as a fully licensed leading Maid Agency specializes in providing exceptional recruitment and placement of Housemaids. We assist clients in obtaining approval from labour department for maid employment. We streamline the maid application process efficiently by comprehensive document processing with relevant authorities and government departments. We handle the entire on boarding process and post procedure as well. Our service highlight as below.

We handle End to End Maid placements process. We source from Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. FOMEMA, Personal Accident & Medical Insurance.

Work Process

We specialize in efficiently processing and handling various aspects of maid applications to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for our clients. The process of maid application commences with screening for a maid that meets the specific requirements by the employer. We recruit the finest, most experienced and well referenced domestic helpers available. Once the interview and selection are completed, we will proceed with the overall recruitment process which includes document compilation and stamping, securing maid’s passport and medical from her country of origin and proceed with the submission of application to Immigration for maid’s calling visa. Upon approval, the agency will undertake to process the employment contract with the respective Embassy and arrange for the maid’s arrival. The final process would involve medical (FOMEMA), work permit application and in house training to enhance the knowledge and skills of the maid in accordance with the needs of Malaysian employers.

Application of maid’s Re-Entry Employment Contract Renewal
Renewal/Cancellation of Visa & Work Permit Application of Check Out Memo(C.O.M)

frequently asked questions

1. How long does it take for an Employer to get a Maid?

Once the maid selection is done and documentation are complete, the processing duration approximately takes about 2-3 months.

2. Do you offer Guarantee on replacement of maid?
3. What is the main benefit of hiring a maid through an agency?